Is your investment property vacant, and you are looking to rent it in the current market? Talk to the property manager at PIA real estate agent, and get a detailed rental appraisal online on your investment property. We work with you so that you, as an investment property owner, will maximise your returns. Rental Appraisal generally provides the suggested rental price guide for your property investment along with the following:

Property Size Assessment

Location Assessment

Market Conditions

Rental Value History

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Maximising your returns on your rental property can be achieved with more ease and less friction by simply getting your property a rental appraisal. Reviewing how much you think your property is worth in the rental market helps you charge the right amount to your tenants. Tenants value reasonable prices, and local property knowledge goes a long way in retaining quality tenants and minimising downtime between tenants. 

At PIA Agent, we conduct a thorough rental appraisal on your property, giving you a detailed report on your property’s earning potential. We investigate the current market conditions, the rental value of properties in your area, and a thorough inspection of your property before giving you the report. Our Sydney property management experience has equipped us with the required skillsets to manage and ensure our clients get the best returns on their rental properties.

Get a free rental appraisal for your property. Our services are free of charge, and there is no obligation to use our services. Therefore, conducting an assessment will give you a better understanding of your property, and you will have taken steps to help you stabilise your returns on the property.

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PIA's Rental Gaurantee*

Our Exclusive 3-year rental guarantee. PIA offers investors and landlords the security of a fixed rental yield, regardless of rental market volatility.

Looking for local knowledge

rent your property with the right price

At PIA real estate we provide you with a realistic market appraisal of your property. This will provide you with the realistic and attainable market rental range. This also gives you a peace of mind by knowing how much rent you can get and plan your mortgage payments in advance. 


Is your property vacant?

You need to lease it asap

As an investment property we always look for an real estate agent which can provide us with the local knowledge and something free like a free rental market report. Generally good agents like PIA will never tell you to compromise on the rent, rather we will put your property in the market to provide you with a good rental yeild.  


Recommended Marketing Campaign

looking for quality tentants

Although we have a big tenant database, it is very important to have a high impact marketing presence to attract quality tenants.  With our years of experience under the belt, we can professionally guide you with the process and available solutions. 

opportunity to add value

get better return on investment

Your local property manager is well-versed in what local tenants like and are willing to pay extra for. They’ll provide you with suggestions on how to increase the value of your investment and turn it into a high-yield property.

99.15% tenant occupancy rate

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On Average, our properties have a 1.3% vacancy rate vs Sydney vacancy rate of 2.8%* 

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